connect library

The CONNECT (ZIST) Library aims to collect, organize, preserve, and make available books and other materials of contemporary interest and permanent value  to serve the professional, educational, informational, cultural, recreational and leisure needs of the counselling and family therapy  community. It is committed to cultivate excellence in learning and teaching that encourages intellectual, personal, and social growth for students, staff, partnersand the community. The Library provides convenient and effective access to quality library services and collections.

Library Mission

The library’s mission is to serve and be responsive to the needs of its clientele. The mission statement is anchored by the following assumptions:  

  • A responsibility to offer convenient  library
  • A responsiveness to our clientele 
  • Utilization of modern technology 
  • Cooperative efforts with other libraries, and other
  • Commitment to intellectual freedom for all

Library membership is open to CONNECT students and to the public, for information on application contact the Librarian.

Library Opening Hours

The CONNECT library is open to users:

Mondays to Fridays

0800 to 1300 and 1400 to 1600

Library Rules

Food and drink are not permitted in the library.

Users will be penalized for damaging library materials.

Should they loose any books they will be liable to replace them

Donate to the Library

Connect welcomes donations to our library from academic institutions, individuals and from any other well wishers. Donations must be addressed to the Connect Director.


Membership is open to CONNECT trainees, scholars from other institutions and to anyone who is interested in the family therapy field. Tarrifs can be obtained from the Librarian.