Zimbabweans are now aware of not only the existence but also the importance of counselling as another way of resolving life challenges and deal with traumatic situations in order to maintain good health. The department’s oversees all the counselling and therapy services at the organization. CONNECT promotes the Systemic Approach to counselling and training which takes into consideration all the aspects of human life and the environmental influences .CONNECT’s counselling services promotes inclusiveness, leaving no-one and no place behind.

It is in this department that the Advanced Diploma in Family Therapy is housed. This Program runs for 18 months targeting counsellors, social workers and psychologists. It offers them an opportunity to strengthen their clinical work with clients.





The growth of an organization is grounded in strong research, monitoring, evaluation, learning and accountability process. CONNECT has a vibrant RMEL system which guides the implementation of the organization’s activities.


CONNECT ensures that counselling services are not only limited to the counselling clinic but also at community based level. As a result, CONNECT train community based counsellors in different provinces of Zimbabwe . This is necessitated by support from funders including Trocaire, Hivos and Porticas. These community based programs are in collaboration with the local authorities and the government of Zimbabwe. CONNECT continues with resource mobilization to support community based interventions.