Evelyn Hungwe

Evelyn Hungwe is the Clinic and Further Education Manager at CONNECT. She is also a Family Therapist and Senior Counselor Trainer. Evelyn is a holder of a Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Science, Certificate in Counselling, Diploma in Family Therapy, Certificate in Emerging Technologies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Science on Counselling. Evelyn joined CONNECT in 2006 as a Counselling trainer, having worked for Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Evelyn has 14 years’ experience in counselling related issues including training, counselling and family therapy, research supervision and coordination of donor funded projects. She has skills and a passion for counselling, training and working with vulnerable communities who include women and children. In 2013, Evelyn presented a paper titled Gender initiatives and responses to HIV and AIDS in the church context at the 2nd HIV Capacity Building Partners Summit in Johannesburg. She is a team player, an avid reader and learner.